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Personal Trainer James Mac

Hi my name is James Mac, a personal trainer with Aptitude Health & Fitness

I consider myself an old school veteran in the PT game currently 23 years to date

I’ve been fortunate to have a loyal long lasting client base with many for over 10 years now.

I enjoy training all ages, youngest being 14 to currently 85 years old, from low intensity isolation workouts all tailor made to another level absolute hardcore beastings. I cover the entire spectrum so don’t be scared off with my “train you to the death” reputation – I am experienced and gentle to most, but always produce the results.

More than just a trainer, I’m a motivator & live for dishing out Mac Attack & Bootcamp Beastings that have provided many men & women with weight loss, body sculpting & improved overall fitness goals, who always leave mentally & physically buzzing on a high so give it a try!

Free 45 minute taster to anyone interested.

Contact me direct 07801999007 or leave a message with Julie or Wendy on reception.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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