how to create an exercise plan

Exercise plans, they are like the Google Map for your fitness and when used correctly, they can help you get to your destination safe and sound… Terrible metaphor but you get the drift, right? An exercise plan is there to…

Anatomy of a deadlift

Anatomy of a deadlift

In terms of the “compound lifts” that every person could and probably should incorporate into their resistance training routine, the deadlift ranks in the top two. Put another way, it’s often hailed as the king of compound exercises and everyone…

why you need to try a hiit class

Why You Need To Try A HIIT Class

But if you’ve never done a HIIT class, let alone one of ours - whether it is SWEAT or RISE - then this blog is going to give you a bit more information about what you can expect from one, and where we like to mix things up and give you something positive to talk about. 
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