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Gareth Tattum


I’ve been in the fitness industry for 16 years . My passion has always been around fitness since 15 years old, as I recall ordering my first set of weights when still living at home with my parents. I loved bodybuilding as a young man but took up boxing at the age of 21, which was a huge game changer for me, as boxing not only helps with muscular endurance but improves agility, balance, flexibility, stamina, hand and eye coordination, physical and mental toughness.

After working job to job since leaving school in 2004, I decided that I wanted to be a fitness instructor as the gym was practically my second home. I then went on to qualify as a personal trainer and much more. I’ve worked at various gyms and health clubs during my career and am now teaching various classes here at Aptitude Fitness including Boxercise, Bootcamp and Matt Pilates.

I love challenges, I love fitness, and most of all I love working with people of all backgrounds, fit or unfit,and watching them progress and reach their fitness goals. I put the majority of my focus in strength training and thrive on creating stronger individuals, helping them become the strongest and best versions of themselves.

Fitness is my life, I love it.

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