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Saddle up and experience the most enjoyable and effective workout ever. Our 45 minute spin classes are ideal for people of all levels

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Spin Classes

Saddle up and experience the most enjoyable and effective workout ever. Our spinning classes are ideal for people of all levels, whether you are new to exercise or a regular gym junkie! The joy of spinning is that you are in complete control at all times using a resistance dial on your individual spin bike.

Alternatively you can use our spin bikes outside of these classes at our fully equipped GYM.

spin class in chester

What Is SPin?

Spin Class is Focused on strength, speed and endurance – and sometimes even choreography, spin is a high-intensity training method designed to work and tone every muscle in the body. Cheshire’s Best Gym of 2022, Aptitude Health & Fitness offers Spin four times a week with leading spin instructors.


At Aptitude Health & Fitness we take absolutely nothing for granted. We have some of the most experienced Spin trainers in the country. We are constantly looking at ways to make the spin experience one of the best in Cheshire and the country.

spin class in chester
spin class in chester


It’s easy to say that we are one of Cheshire’s premium spin classes but we really are. Nationally recognised as one of the best gyms in the country in 2022, Chester has a spin class and team that goes above and beyond in every way imaginable. The best trainers to in class fitness tracking equipment, there is little our small Cheshire based gym can’t offer.


It’s the best decision I ever made!

“I made friends here that I did not even know lived in the village or nearby area. I come to Aptitude almost every day!”


Testimony from Anna Moment
spin class near chester aptitude health and fitness


Can a 45 minute spin class help me lose weight?

Without knowing if you’re in a calorie deficit – the best way to determine if you will lose weight or not, we can’t say a definite yes but, we can say it will help. It’s not just about losing weight with spin. You get to tone muscle and give your heart a good workout which based on our more sedentary lifestyle can be a great stress relief as well.

Is Spin good for beginners?

Yes, and even if at first you find it tough that’s only a good thing. You’re meant to find it difficult – even the trainers do. By having the ability to adjust resistance on the bike, beginners can benefit from an intense workout with spin.

What Should I Wear to Spin Class?

Padded shorts are a great idea but not necessary. Breathable and moisture-wicking apparel is advised as you will definitely sweat!

Should I bring water to a spin class?

Yes! Definitely bring your own drink. Water is all you really need so a good water bottle is advised like one from here.

How Many Calories Can I Burn?

In a 45 minute spin class you would expect to burn anywhere between 400 and 600 calories. However, using tracking technology can give you a more personalised view of how much you are burning off.

What are the health benefits of a Spin Class?

Burning fat, losing weight, toning muscles – especially in the lower body and it can even boost mood and energy levels. Equally important is that it can reduce the risk of injury.



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