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Richard Kerr


My interest in fitness training started back in 1982 aged 8, learning Chun Seh Dau Kung Fu from Shaolin Kung Fu Master Frederick Dhimon, who was trained by Master Chun Seh and in the Honan Monhastary in Shaolin. I became proficient in Shaolin Kung Fu at an early age and reached junior brown belt aged 11, taking part in shows and representing the school.

In 1997 I trained in Sepoy Karate and entered National level competitions & after 2 years competing became a Great British Martial Arts free-style Kickboxing Grand Champion at intermediate level & Black belt Great British Grand Champion freestyle kickboxer.

I joined the military in 2007 & whilst in training was approached by my seniors and requested to join the Squadron boxing team. Upon doing so won four bouts in first competition and was awarded Army Boxing Colours. After completing phase two specialised trade training became a Military boxing coach and coached at every regiment I was posted to, during a 12 year service in Royal Signals including a year spent in Afghanistan and a year as an Adventure Training instructor for Mountaineering, Rock climbing and Kayaking. After leaving the Military pursued a career as a strength and conditioning personal trainer becoming a level 3 coach shortly after returning home. I’m still currently a Black Belt Second degree Kung Fu Teacher and highly experienced former Kickboxing champion and level 2 ABA boxing coach.

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